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IRS Bank Levy Release Intro

An IRS Bank Levy is much more difficult to release than a Wage Levy. Can I still get it done? Sure, I do it all the time.

An IRS Bank Levy tends to make people panic more than a Wage Levy does. In all my years releasing levies, I I have heard a higher level of anxiety in people's voices when they call me after their bank accounts have been levied.

Okay, enough talk about the trouble an IRS Bank Levy causes. If you have one, you already know what I'm talking about and now you're searching for help.

If this is the first page of my website you are reading, please take some time and read more of this site. You will get a better introduction to and knowledge about me and the IRS Levy Release work I do.

You can also get a lot of great information here. If you have an IRS Bank Levy, then you will probably need some help. And you will need it fast. But please do yourself a favor and spend some time reading and educating yourself about IRS Levy action.


So Why Did They Levy Your Bank?

Obviously, you owe IRS some unpaid taxes and you haven't been making any payments to them.

Maybe you haven't file some tax returns.

Perhaps you've moved and IRS doesn't know your current address and you haven't received any notices from them.

You might have been making monthly Installment Agreement payments to them and for some reason you defaulted on your agreement.

Whatever the reason, they've levied your bank account and now you have no money in that bank account.


IRS Bank Levy Release Work is Hard

IRS has special rules and requirements for IRS Bank Levy releases. Not only do they follow the general rules for their wage levies, but they have additional and very specific requirements that must be met before they will release a bank levy.

Knowing all of the IRS Bank Levy issues and anticipating which will be used at any particular time and being totally prepared for the situation is absolutely necessary in this type of work.

Time is short before your bank is required to send your money to IRS (you only have 21 calendar days from the day your bank receives the IRS Bank Levy notice), so there's no room for error.

You can try to get the release on your own if you like, but remember that this is hard work.


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